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Help Us Fight to Protect Title IX

The opportunity to leave a public comment ends September 12, 2022. Please watch this discussion with Candace Jackson, former Dep General Counsel at the US Department of Education, on Title IX and submit your unique public comment to the Federal Register today.

Please take note of the importance of including personal anecdotes, hypotheticals and/or studies, analysis, articles in your comment to ensure it is counted as unique.

Only have a few minutes? Check out some shorter excerpts from the full video.

1 thought on “Help Us Fight to Protect Title IX”

  1. I just slightly modified the ‘LGBAUSA’ statement on ‘Title IX’ and copy pasted it for my ‘public comment’. To save on time. It has enough good points and comes from a gay perspective. I mentioned in my comment that I am a gay ‘biological male’ and homeowner and I also publicly listed my address. I am grateful for the LGBAUSA’s work.

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