LGB Alliance USA



Our Vision

We envision a world where lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals live free from homophobia in all social, legal, and political spheres—a world where same-sex orientation is widely accepted, and LGB spaces are both prevalent and easily accessible.

Our Mission

LGB Alliance USA is dedicated to protecting and advancing the rights of lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals.

We are part of an international movement confronting a new wave of homophobia that—just like the old one—tries to tell us our same-sex attraction is wrong.

We advocate for LGB people to live free from discrimination or disadvantage on the basis of their sexual orientation, while amplifying the voices of lesbians by highlighting the dual discrimination they experience as women in a male-dominated society.

We aim to protect gender-nonconforming children from unscientific ideologies and bodily harm, and to promote freedom of speech through informed dialogue.

Our Goals

To Ensure the Protection of Sex-Based Rights

We advocate for the prioritization of sex-based rights over gender ideology. Without sex-based protections or the acknowledgment of sex as a material reality, we cannot protect same-sex orientation.

To Highlight Dual Discrimination Against Lesbians

We amplify the voices of lesbians to highlight the dual discrimination of both homophobia and misogyny faced by women who are exclusively same-sex oriented in a male-dominated society.

To Establish the Difference Between Sex and Gender

We aim to provide coherent definitions of sex and gender and address the conflicts in rights that arise between the two.

To Build a Global LGB Movement

We stand in solidarity with our LGB sisters and brothers abroad and aim to work in partnership with them to address homophobia on a global scale.

To Build Local Community Through LGB Spaces

We believe that building local community based on same-sex-orientation is paramount to normalizing these spaces in the public sphere, providing sanctuary for LGB individuals, and achieiving global solidarity.

To Protect LGB and Gender-Nonconforming Youth

We oppose the harmful, unnecessary, and unscientific medicalization of children in the name of “gender transition.” We oppose ideologies promoting the belief that gender-nonconformity or dysphoria requires physical alteration through medical intervention. With research indicating 60-90% of gender-nonconforming children who identify as trans eventually desist and become LGB adults, we believe all children should be free from the constraints of gender roles without medicalized “transition” or the need for a new “identity.” We understand gender dysphoria as a psychological reaction to a sexist society, and view “transition” as a new form of conversion therapy designed to “fix” gender-nonconforming and LGB youth. We instead support ethical forms of counseling intended to help dysphoric youth become more comfortable in their bodies.

To Provide Accurate Representation of LGB History

We are committed to honoring LGB figures in history who have paved the way for advancements in same-sex rights. We aim to correct myths about these individuals and fight revisionist attempts to erase LGB history through the false lens of gender ideology.

To Promote Open Dialogue About LGB Issues

We stand for freedom of speech through informed, fact-based dialogue on issues concerning the rights of lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals. We assert that different opinions, even those we may disagree with, should be heard as part of the public debate.

To Serve as a Platform for Voices of Detransitioners

We support detransitioners and desisters and oppose all attempts to silence or discredit them. We stand for their right to speak candidly about their experiences with dysphoria, transition, the medical industry, and the trans community, as well as their right to expose truths about transition that many aim to keep buried.

Our Values

Free Speech

We believe the right to speak openly without threat of silencing or ostracization is necessary for productive dialogue, and that no idea or claim should be exempt from skepticism, criticism, or scrutiny.


We discuss, propose, and oppose ideas respectfully; we do not attack individuals. Disagreement does not equal hatred. We do not condone, endorse, or encourage any abusive or discriminatory behaviour towards any group or individual.


We work collaboratively, standing together, sharing information, and building connections with LGB groups, individuals, and allies across the globe. We aim to address and reconcile any differences in favor of shared goals.


We communicate ideas and engage in debate based on clear and accurate definitions. We uphold the legal and scientific definition of homosexuality as sexual orientation towards people of the same sex.


We rely on facts to make informed decisions and communicate honestly. Legislation, policy, guidance, and decisions that affect lesbians, gay men and bisexuals must also be fact- and evidence-based.


We recognise that sex is binary and that (for the vast majority of people) sex is determined at conception, observed at birth or in utero, and recorded. We reject the co-opting of rare medical Differences in Sexual Development (DSDs/intersex conditions) in attempt to cast doubt on the binary nature of sex.


We support women’s reproductive rights and bodily autonomy. We support the right of lesbians to reject males as sexual partners or admit them into lesbian spaces, and the right of gay men to reject females as sexual partners or admit them into gay men’s spaces. We support the right of informed, consenting adults to alter their own bodies in any way they choose.


We do not align with any political party. We engage with organizations and publications with diverse political views but do not, and will not, forge links with, or accept funding from, any institution that does not share our values, that threatens same-sex rights, or that seeks to undermine women’s sex-based rights, including reproductive autonomy.

Our Team

We are a 100% volunteer-run, lesbian-led organization founded by an inter-generational group of LGB individuals throughout the U.S.

Sylvia Wagner is a young activist focused on community building and supporting those who suffer from dysphoria. Having ID’d as genderqueer for years and then eventually desisting helped deepen her understanding of sex, gender, and the relationship they have to sexual orientation.

A. Luis Sanchez is a bisexual Latino, a writer, and a former academic who specialized in issues of identity, sex, gender, sexuality, queer theory, and culture. An activist in these issues for over 25 years, he has long been interested in the borderlands where theory meets the empirical.

Danielle Whitaker, desister and resister, is a same-sex rights activist based in the southeastern U.S. with her family. A longtime advocate for women’s liberation, animal rights, and environmental causes, she works as a writer and travels with a passion.

Arianne is a lesbian millennial from the West Coast of the USA with an interest in understanding sexual orientation, sex, and “gender” in different cultures and religions throughout the world. She also has an interest in critiquing the very idea of “identity” in all forms. 

Kai, this Gen Z lesbian aims to add a youthful voice to the conversation regarding sex-based rights, sexuality, and full frontal autism. She has been a desister for 5+ years after her chilling and notable experience with TrevorSpace–The Trevor Project’s youth chat forum. Her main focus is running the LGB ND group for same-sex attracted neurodivergent adults.

Tim Roscoe spent his college and grad school years studying contentious politics, developing an early focus on internet proliferation and the re-emergence of archaic social movements. He went on to win several academic awards for his dissertation on anti-American extremism in pre-Iraq War Sydney, where he studied at Macquarie University under renowned soft power scholar Naren Chitty. As a fundraiser, he oversaw major gifts and planned giving on the West Coast for the University of Virginia, and engineered the building or revitalization of over 30 UVA Clubs between Des Moines and Honolulu.

Jos Grover is a lesbian activist, entrepreneur and DIY enthusiast. Jos is dedicated to rebuilding the LGB community.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us to learn about volunteer opportunities.



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