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LGB Alliance USA


upcoming events

We look forward to meeting you!

Join one of these upcoming virtual gatherings for LGB people.

Dealing with Dysphoria—Every Other Wednesday

Please note that our dysphoria peer support group is female-only and has a vetting process to ensure members’ safety.
To join, please email [email protected].

Lesbian Social Club—First Sunday, Monthly

On the Same Page: An LGB Book Club—November 13

In November we will be discussing Society and the Healthy Homosexual by George Weinberg. Don’t miss out!

LGB Discussions—November 20

All LGB people are welcome to join us in discussion about difficult topics facing the LGB community.

LGB Neurodivergent—November 19

Peer led support group for all same-sex oriented, neurodivergent people.

Are you interested in hosting a group that isn’t listed here?
Let us know—we’d love to hear your ideas!