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The Medicalization of Gender-Nonconforming Youth: A Statement on Where We Stand

While LGB Alliance USA is dedicated to protecting LGB and other gender-nonconforming youth from the physical and psychological harm of medicalized transition, we must again clarify that we are not in alliance with, nor do we support, any groups or individuals who oppose child transition from a homophobic or sexist angle. We firmly oppose the system of masculine/feminine gender roles assigned to males and females, while some others who are critical of gender identity ideology seek to uphold them: their opposition to childhood transition and their end game are coming from a completely different angle that directly conflicts with ours. These groups are typically homophobic and oppose women’s reproductive autonomy. It is vital to distinguish between our agenda—freedom from oppressive gender roles, including the expectation of heteronormativity—and the agenda of sexist, homophobic groups who believe male children should play with trucks and grow up to be attracted to females, and female children should wear dresses and grow up to be attracted to males.

Ironically, these regressive groups have a lot in common with the gender ideology they are fighting against: “girls should play with dolls” and “if you play with dolls, you’re a girl” are two sides of the same coin. We oppose childhood transition not because we believe gender roles should be upheld, but precisely the opposite: we believe gender ideology promotes the same regressive gender roles from a new angle. Our stance is that anyone should be free to exhibit any personal trait, wear any clothes, present any appearance, have any hairstyle, pursue any career, enjoy any hobby, play with any toys, and embrace any sexual orientation, without being told they’re “trans” or that they should take steps to make their body “match” their personality.

Our critics’ attempts to insist we are no better than the very groups who fought against same-sex marriage are weak and disingenuous. We have no hidden agendas. We stand for same-sex rights, for women’s sex-based rights and bodily autonomy, for gender-nonconformity, and for the abolition of gender roles. We support ethical forms of counseling for dysphoric people to become more comfortable in their bodies. We oppose childhood transition because we believe children should be free to be whoever they are without encouragement to alter their bodies to align with a sexist notion of what clothing or toy preference makes someone a girl or boy. We believe “gender affirmation” is a new, glitter-coated form of conversion therapy that does more harm than good to gender-nonconforming children.

But you don’t have to take our word for it—see the Medicalization section of our Sources page for facts and evidence.

Our goals and values are listed clearly on our About page.

See how we define “gender” and other terms here.

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  1. Molly Skelton

    Insist that your local schools not only offer LGBTQ groups, but Detrans/Desist groups. As Covid dissipates and schools have general assemblies again, insist that speakers like the school principals offer supportive statements to both LGBTQ groups and Detrans/Desist groups. Both groups should welcome gay and lesbian children.

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