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Image of the logo for the Coalition for the Feminist Amendments to the Equality Act

Urgent Call to Action

LGB Alliance USA is part of the Coalition for the Feminist Amendments (CoFA) and is seeking amendments to the Equality Act. Since the Equality Act is scheduled for a hearing this Wednesday we ask that you call Chairman Durbin and Ranking Member Grassley to request they hear testimony from Lynette Hartsell (a member of LGB Alliance USA and CoFA) and Dr. Callie Burt (a member of CoFA). You can reach Senators Durbin and Grassley through the Senate switchboard: 202-224-3121

If your Senator(s) is/are on the Judiciary Committee please also call them asking for testimony from Lynette Hartsell (LGB Alliance USA/CoFA) and Dr. Callie Burt (CoFA).

While calling is the most urgent and effective way to make our voices heard. If you’d also like to email your Senator(s) you can use this link to find your Senator’s contact information.

A sample script follows the list of Judiciary Committee members below.

  • CA – Feinstein & Padilla
  • IA – Grassley
  • IL – Durbin
  • RI – Whitehouse
  • MN – Klobuchar
  • DE – Coons
  • CT – Blumenthal
  • HI – Hirono
  • NJ – Booker
  • GA – Ossoff
  • SC – Graham
  • TX – Cornyn & Cruz
  • NE – Sasse
  • MO – Hawley
  • AR – Cotton
  • LA – Kennedy
  • NC – Tillis
  • TN – Blackburn
  • VT – Leahy
  • UT – Lee

Sample Script:

My name is [Name].  I am a constituent of [Senator] and I reside at [ZipCode]. I am calling regarding the Equality Act. I object to the passage of this version of the Equality Act. At present, the Equality Act confuses sex with gender identity thus eliminating the sex-based rights of women and girls. I would like representatives from LGB Alliance USA, Lynette Hartsell, and The Coalition for the Feminist Amendments, Dr. Callie Burt, to testify before the Judiciary Committee about the need to Amend the Equality Act. I do not support the current version of the Equality Act. Thank you.

The LGB Alliance USA team would like to thank you for your support! #AmendThenPass

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